Welcome 2019 with Heartworks of VT

Join Heartworks of Vermont as we welcome 2019!

  • Glass Hearts for sale at local businesses, Above All Vermont, Dorset Union Store, & Dorset Exchange.

  •  Our next Clothing Drive is set for Fall at Maple Street School.

  • Recent thank you note from local women we assisted,

    Dear Heartworks,

    Thank you for my dentures. I knew this would be life changing but I didn't know how. Well, it's been a few weeks and I'm beginning to have an idea

    I feel comfortable in public, I no longer feel the need to hide away. I feel more comfortable interacting with others, less self conscious. People smile at me! (they didn't use to) and I smile back! (I didn't use to) And it's wonderful! Sharing a smile with someone feels so much better when you're not feeling the need to hide your smile. Thank you!

    And, I feel like I CAN change my life. I felt stuck, powerless, incapable. Now I feel empowered and capable of getting myself unstuck. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to change my life. Thank you for believing in me.

    Much love and gratitude,





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Our mission is to generate acts of kindness within our community and the world beyond.

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