Welcome 2018 with Heartworks of VT

Join Heartworks of Vermont as we welcome 2018 with a New Year, New You series.

  • Start to Simplify the Confusion Around Food
  • Discussion and Demo lead by Nutritionist Diana Pagnucco
  • Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
  • 6:30pm  8:15pm
  • Vermont Kitchen Supply
  • Suggested Donation 20$
  • Sign Up Kerrycomollo@gmail.com

    Start to Simplify the Confusion Around Food

    How did something as basic as eating get so confusing? Paleo, vegan, protein, good fats, bad fats… and on and on. For something we need to do three times every day, it gets overwhelming fast, so it makes sense that we never feel like we’re doing it right, whatever right is. Truth is, it’s simpler than it can seem - there’s move overlap than difference, and the confusion around the details can distract us from seeing the basic facts.

    Join us for an evening to start to make it simpler. We’ll start by talking about what the science tells us about food and nutrition (what a human body thrives on, and what takes us away from easy health). Then we’ll make a big batch of a one-pot, one-bowl, healing, nutritious, satisfying, and easily customizable meal to sample (and take home the recipe for). And finally, we’ll talk a bit about the emotional side of eating - why there’s a good reason for everything you do, and getting to a place of curiosity and non-judgement is the road towards freedom from that dreaded food “take-over.”




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